Gunn of Whittlesey – Market Street
The corner of Market Street where it meets Broad Street in 2009 the hair salon was once the school
Before they bought it the shop was called Rothwells. Here a door is being made into a window.
The building to the left is the old pub that burnt down and is now where the library is.
The old branding for the shop before the GUNN sign
A little history from the Whittlesea Museum
Joyce and Edwin with the shop bear
The shop bear in Oct 2023
Broad Street in 1914 – you can see the door on the shop that was changed into a window
The same view 2023 with Google maps. Doesn’t look all that different.
A zoom in of that picture. Shows the door and lack of any shop at all.
The buildings behind were knocked down. There is a new build there now.