J. M. & E. GUNN – Joyce Marguerite & Edwin Gunn

This website will go into detail but here is a short history:

Edwin Gunn b.1928 (from Raunds) and Joyce Marguerite Gunn née: Slack b.1928 (from Ringstead, Northamptonshire near Raunds) originally ran a shop on Chapel Street in Ringstead that was from Joyce’s family.

In 1958 they moved to Whittlesey, Cambridgeshire where they owned and ran a shoe, fashion and leather goods shop on Market Street for 20 years (which is now Aspect Fires) and opened another in Ramsey (which is now a pizza take away). They also had a leather warehouse in Peterborough.

They closed the shop in 1977 and concentrated on craft markets to sell their leather goods.

In later years they moved to Theford to be near their daughter Elaine.

Edwin died in 2020 at the age of 91.

In 2023 Joyce commissioned this website at the age of 95 for their history. She still resides in Thetford.

This website is currently being expanded. Much more to come! It will remain online indefinitely.